A Memory of Light

The Return to Spintir

The session began with the party continuing to pore over a set of ancient artifacts deep in the archives of Pelor university. Their quiet research was soon interrupted by the slow pulse of amber warning lights. On a nearby terminal the image of a nautolan throwing a trash can at what appeared to be a helpless security guard flashed up, and a patrol of guards began moving through the archives, searching.

The party quickly grabbed the artifacts that could easily be carried, the teardrop shaped necklace, the transponder core and the partial helmet. Ashur pointed them towards a back exit from the archives manned by a single security guard before moving forward to stall the roving security team. The group began passing by the desk of the security guard, who was too engrossed with his own datapad to pay much attention to the warnings… at least until Sarenda mentioned it to him. Before the guard could respond, Sarenda quickly drew her light saber and destroyed his control console.

Unfortunately, their quiet escape would not last long as the fast moving group was quickly spotted running around the archive building to retrieve Kaveri’s rifle. They found themselves surrounded by armed security guards who aimed to apprehend them. The time for stealth past, Sarenda and Pon drew strength from the Force and cast themselves through the window into a small class taught by their old acquaintance Allador Selkayim. The students stared in shock as Sarenda across the class and into the hallway. There she hesitated, the hallway leading in both directions looking identical she couldn’t be certain which direction to find the rifle.

“Uh, does anyone remember where we stashed it?” Outside, Kaveri ducked from the stun bolts of the guards and used an old trick she’s found helpful so often in the past. Sometimes, if she cleared her mind, casting her doubts and worries into the void until only the object she searched for remained, she could sense it pulling on her, wanting to be found. There it was! Her trusted rifle, only a short distance down the hallway to the north. As she passed the directions to Sarenda over the comlink she began to wonder if this old trick was related to the Force that Dao kept going on about. “Definitely not, it’s just a little trick I learned is all.”

With the rifle recovered Sarenda sprinted back into Allador’s classroom. The Kel Dori, having partially recovered from his initial shock, began to give Sarenda and Pon a piece of his mind. “Stop right there you two-”. He cut off abruptly and ducked as Sarenda fired a completely unexpected shot at the foppish student. He began working with a small security console, aiming to bring more security patrols to aid those outside. Dao, having made his way carefully through the broken window to avoid damaging his mostly unclad feet, made his way to the panel. Pushing Allador gently aside he found the system virtually unlocked. “It would be foolish not to interfere with this system,” he chuckled to himself as wiped their images from the database and set their status to apprehended. Meanwhile, Pon stood before the students of the class and gave a rousing speech, painted them as victims of the establishment, a view the students were quick to accept. They moved to the window to block the entrance of the guards from outside and the party was able to escape in the ensuing confusion.

Once free from the archives the group moved quickly to their trusty ship and found the C0K5 unmolested. Their return to Spintir was uneventful, though they passed several sentry turrets and tripwires set up by Hethan to protect the temple while they were away. Once back at the temple door Dao placed the pendant into the matching indentation with reverence and… nothing happened. Kaveri decided to try to expand on her old hunting trick. She found her calm and tried to sense what lay beyond the doorway but could sense nothing, however, as she tried this the white parts of the pattern on the pendant began to glow with a dull light. Pon stepped up to the door and drew deeply from the Force, frustrated that the pendant hadn’t opened it, he drew strength and pulled the doors opened. The dark sections of the pattern began to glow, unnoticed, and the door drew open. “Easy stuff,” said Pon, proud of himself for pulling the doors open.

The room beyond the vault doors was unnaturally dark, it seemed to absorb any light shone into it. Still, the party stepped across the threshold… and found themselves in a room brightly lit with windows to a cloudless blue sky. In the center of the room knelt a Twi’Lek couple, clearly apprehensive but drawing strength from one another. In front of them sat a council, with the elder-most in the center. The couple was told they had broken ancient rules forbidding “individual love” and were cast out of the Order. A young woman, Val Isa, was summoned and told to return them to their homes after teaching them enough to ensure they would not be drawn to the dark side. As the vision came to a close an older version of Val Isa stepped up to the group, as incorporeal as they were in this space. She looked to the couple sadly and softly spoke, “It was that day I becan to question the wisdom of the Jedi Order. Thought it was dangerous, I took Ria and Asir as my secret students”

The vision slowly faded and the room returned to view. On a small pedestal in the center of the round chamber stood a glowing dodecahedron, about the size of a fist. Dao stepped forward and retrieved it, having heard of the legendary holocron of the Jedi, records stored along with part the personality of their creator. He attempted to summon the gatekeeper each holocron was said to have, but received only projected images of snatches of a life, a few paintings, one of light and darkness separated by a thin line. Finally, an image was displayed of the trajectory of a ship called the Sanctuary, it was headed to the Koler system.


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